Hoard products

Hoard Delivers Products to Support The Gaming Industry

We provide a broader access to digital goods for both developers and gamers.


By curating digital goods through our marketplace, we simplify developer-user interactions. User owned in-game items, real estate, digital art and many more NFTs can be traded, loaned or rented there.

Software Development Kit

Hoard SDK is an easy-to-use Open-Source tool to integrate any game with the blockchain. Simple and well-documented, Hoard’s SDK means that developers don’t need to be Blockchain experts to use it for their games and can easily “tokenize” in-game assets."

The Product Development Roadmap

  • Q1 Development starts
  • Q4 SDK Alpha version
Hoard received regulatory clearance for the ICO from the Danish Financial Authorities.

Plasma Dog DApp goes live.
  • Q1 SDK for C# and Unity 3D
  • Q3 HRD Token Sale
  • Hoard Marketplace technical specification
  • Hoard Marketplace UX design
2021 Q2
2021 Q3
  • Hoard Market - Feature “Build”
  • Hoard Market - Feature “Trade"
2021 Q4
  • Hoard Market - Feature “Rent”
  • Governance

Hoard Team

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Radosław Zagórowicz
CEO, Co-founder
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Sławomir Bubel
Gamedev Relations
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Cyryl Matuszewski
Lead Programmer
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Martyna Krywko
Business Manager
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Mikkel Thykjær Jørgensen
Legal, Co-founder
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Marta Byrne
Process and Program Manager
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Kuba Lesisz
Programmer, Co-founder

Hoard Advisors

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Piotr Janiuk
CTO / Co-founder, Golem
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Kuba Kucharski
CPO / CEngO, Golem
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Vansa Chatikavanij
Angel and Impact Investor

Token Distribution

The HRD token serves as a utility token and value bearer of content on the Hoard Platform.

Token Details

Token Name
ERC20 (Utility Token)
Emission Type
Token Contract
HRD Token Market
Utility Token
Fee, Governance token
Ethereum Blockchain

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