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Current situation

What is in the game?

The current situation is that gamers do not truly own the content that they have purchased. They cannot trade their content, sell it or even gift it to other people. In fact, their content is completely in control of game companies or distribution platforms, who can choose to revoke usage rights at any time, often without recourse.

Hoard takes the products of the world’s largest entertainment industry and transforms them into tokens which we can then exchange for goods and services, both virtual and real. In other words, Hoard blurs the line between various planes of intellectual existence, providing reinforced meaning for each other via common economic rails.

Future situation

New world of gaming for players

  • Your ownership is real, unconstrained, and does not need to be shared with anyone, nor does it rely on the actions and decisions of others.
  • Your ownership is secure due to the application of cutting edge blockchain technologies.
  • Your ownership is flexible: you may, for example, rent out your digital items whenever you do not need them, such as when you're at work or on vacation.
  • You can access a single tool to view, manage, and trade all your digital assets from different games (a proverbial “one-stop shop”).
  • Items from one game can be exchanged for items from another game. This can be done either permanently, or temporarily; usage can be independent of ownership.
  • Trade in virtual items and the resulting transfer of ownership is secure, predictable, and at no stage requires the involvement of a third party.
  • Digital assets accumulated in one game are secure and can be exchanged for virtual goods from another game, or liquidated into “real money.”
  • Renting out assets provides additional revenue – and you can be sure your items will securely and automatically be returned once the rental period is over.
  • There are unlimited possible ways to earn money thanks to the innovative design of games back by their own tokens and the open and decentralized nature o the Ethereum blockchain and the Hoard platform.
From players to players

We know how it works.
We are players too.

We feel that the Gaming Industry is ready to be disrupted. Our primary goal is to give players more control over their items and characters. True ownership is something that will change the gaming landscape for good.

Sławomir Bubel

Changing the industry is a hard task that won’t happen overnight. We firmly believe that building a community around the idea is the crucial part. That’s why everything we do and plan to do is user centered.

Chris Robison
Community Manager @HOARD

Gaming Industry Problems

Lack of True Ownership

Players do not really own their DLC and other in-game assets. These assets are actually stored on a custodial, centralized game server which prohibits any transfer or trade of ownership.

Solution - Tokenize all Content

Allow players to freely transfer, trade, rent, and stake their in-game assets. Enable this activity on-chain to ensure true ownership.

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Players are Not Compensated

Players generate original content through creator modes and tools, novel behaviors, and simply by interacting with other players.

Solution - Allow Players to Tokenize Content

When players generate content, allow them to tokenize their work. They can then monetize it and share profit with the publisher.

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Fraudulent Trades

For every one honest trade that occurs on a secondary market, seven fraudulent transactions take place.

Solution - Enable Atomic Swaps

Use smart contracts to ensure trades between players are always fully secure. This will eliminate fraud altogether.

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Publishers Cannot Monetize Trades

When players make trades on secondary markets, publishers are unable to generate revenue from their IP.

Solution - Install Publisher Fees in Content

When users engage in real economic activity, which they will be incentivized to do with true ownership, fees can remit to publishers.

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Securing Game Development Financing is Challenging

Unless a video game is funded as a AAA title, it is incredibly difficult for game studios to find investors.

Solution - Crowdfund in Exchange for Content

Sell content direct to players, which they will use to drive in-game economic activity, as a method of raising investment funds.

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How it is to really own your virtual items?
Hoard secures your value.

Hoard tokenizes all of your gaming assets, which changes almost everything. Your ownership is secured and made flexible by blockchain technologies: you might use your items, rent them out, exchange for other games’ assets or sell for real money.

New marketplace

Hoard Marketplace

All assets minted with Hoard SDK can automatically be traded on the decentralized marketplace at the heart of the platform. Marketplace allows gamers to safely and legally buy, sell, trade or even rent out their truly owned digital asset and convert it to “real” money through a secure and seamless fiat-crypto currency exchange (powered by OmiseGO solutions).


The Hoard Exchange enables:

  • Buying, selling and auctioning of all kinds of game content
  • Exchanging items directly with other users
  • Gift items to each other
  • Rent or lease items
  • Set up your own shop to earn from gaming by offering in-game goods and services

The Hoard Exchange web application is the beating heart of the Hoard Platform. Its main function is the trading of in-game content; however, it is also where members of the Hoard community come together to interact, transact and form groups around their favorite games or projects.

Buy and sell

The Hoard Exchange will provide straightforward and simple interfaces for users to buy, sell, auction or rent content.

When creating orders (e.g. sell) users must provide required information such as the selling price in a currency of their choice. According to exchange rates the users will always receive HRD, or potentially a game-specific token, in return for content. However, they can immediately cash out to fiat or a stable coin using one of our service providers.

Once an order is set up and then accepted by a second party the transaction is executed in one automatic operation. Simple and secure.

Some orders require more information than others; for example renting out an item involves specifying items to rent, the availability period and the desired payment. The order might be executed for part of the available period, for example two of the five days.

Custom shop

One of the more advanced features of the Hoard Exchange is the functionality to set up a custom shop. Users might be engaged in creating content inside a game and want to provide a full package of services or use custom branding to sell their goods.

Users will be able to set up a custom theme and layout and there will be functionality to provide basic customer support as well as offer additional content such as guides and tutorials.

Building a real world economy
inside games

We believe that Hoard’s core technology enables virtual employment to become a reality by facilitating a real economy inside computer games.

People can earn a living in computer games in the following ways:

Utilizing craftsmanship skills to create valuable virtual items

Acting as a guide in video game quests

Acting as a main character in a storyline

Provide consultancy services for other players

Ecosystem of Games

Contrary to many projects in the Blockchain Gaming Industry, we already have our technology developed and ready. Get to know our recent games.

Delivered title

Plasma Dog

  • First dApp built on OmiseGO Tesuji Plasma
  • Fast, cheap and secure transactions
  • First more viable Plasma dApp deployed by Rinkeby
True Ownership
  • Built-in Ethereum wallet
  • Points and achievements represented by Hoard tokens
  • All tokens stored in a wallet
  • All tokens owned by a player
Play game
Integration coming Q2 2019

My Memory of Us

  • Integrated blockchain with previously published title
  • Interoperable content with Plasma Dog
  • Available on Steam
  • IPFS based, decentralized storage for artwork
True ownership
  • Built-in Ethereum wallet
  • Collectible art puzzles represented by ERC721 tokens
  • All tokens stored in a wallet
  • All tokens owned by a player
More in Development - Coming Soon!

Hoard Documentation

Our team has prepared detailed documents about the Hoard platform and Token sale. Get to the most in depth details about the project to become 100% sure that it is worth building on!

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Documents about the Hoard platform and Token sale. Get to the most in depth details about the project.

True ownership and earning possibilities for game players

Join Hoard games ecosystem and play the best games that create real value for the users. Take advantage of new integrated games, currencies, items, character skills and abilities. We secure your valuable items and let you manage them as you wish to!

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