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What is in the game?

Hoard believes that the only sensible future is efficient, seamless and unconstrained economic exchange between various games and gaming platforms. That is to say, exchange in which both sides are comfortable with the mechanisms; exchange offering flexibility, without compromising security. Exchange in which there is a mutual understanding that both the transaction and the ownership are real and binding.

The Gaming Industry is rapidly changing. We are the response.
Sławomir Bubel
Chief Executive Officer
The market

The biggest entertainment market.
Join us to change it forever.

Currently, the vast majority of money spent on games is on virtual items or downloadable content (DLC). In 2017, it was 78% of total gaming revenue – approximately $80 Billion. This doesn’t even include the virtual content that is acquired via gameplay, like when players defeat enemies, loot an opponent or simply complete tasks that enable them to ‘earn’ items.

Entertainment revenue

$103 Billion
Video Games
$39 Billion
Book Publishing
$20.9 Billion
Home Video
$15.5 Billion
Recorded Music
$11 Billion
Television & Streaming
$9.9 Billion
Box Office
In United States, according to
New data for 2018 available in 2019

Gaming Industry Problems

Lack of True Ownership

Players do not really own their DLC and other in-game assets. These assets are actually stored on a custodial, centralized game server which prohibits any transfer or trade of ownership.

Solution - Tokenize all Content

Allow players to freely transfer, trade, rent, and stake their in-game assets. Enable this activity on-chain to ensure true ownership.

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Players are Not Compensated

Players generate original content through creator modes and tools, novel behaviors, and simply by interacting with other players.

Solution - Allow Players to Tokenize Content

When players generate content, allow them to tokenize their work. They can then monetize it and share profit with the publisher.

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Fraudulent Trades

For every one honest trade that occurs on a secondary market, seven fraudulent transactions take place.

Solution - Enable Atomic Swaps

Use smart contracts to ensure trades between players are always fully secure. This will eliminate fraud altogether.

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Publishers Cannot Monetize Trades

When players make trades on secondary markets, publishers are unable to generate revenue from their IP.

Solution - Install Publisher Fees in Content

When users engage in real economic activity, which they will be incentivized to do with true ownership, fees can remit to publishers.

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Securing Game Development Financing is Challenging

Unless a video game is funded as a AAA title, it is incredibly difficult for game studios to find investors.

Solution - Crowdfund in Exchange for Content

Sell content direct to players, which they will use to drive in-game economic activity, as a method of raising investment funds.

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Hoard Products

Game Players
Game Players
Game items
Integrated Games
True Ownership
Supporting New Games
Crowfunding Platform
Game Developers

The use cases

  • You can access a single tool to view, manage, and trade all your digital assets from different games (a proverbial “one-stop shop”)
  • This can be done either permanently or temporarily; usage can be independent of ownership.
  • Trade in virtual items and the resulting transfer of ownership is secure, predictable, and at no stage requires the involvement of a third party.
Business model

Two streams of revenue based on the Hoard platform.

Transaction Fees

The main stream of revenue will be transaction fees. Hoard will charge fees for every transaction occurring on the Marketplace such as buying, selling, renting or gifting digital items.

Paid Services

Hoard will offer Platform users paid services. The list of paid services includes, but is not limited to: setting up custom shops, promoting sales advertisements with highlights, headlines and themes or registering vanity usernames.

The Roadmap and Milestones

  • Q1 Development starts
  • Q4 SDK Alpha version
Hoard received regulatory clearance for the ICO from the Danish Financial Authorities.

Plasma Dog DApp goes live.
  • Q1 SDK for C# and Unity 3D
  • Q3 HRD Token Sale
  • Q2 Other game engines support
  • Q3 SDK for Unreal 4
  • Q3 Exchange Service
  • Q2 CPU enclaves support
  • Q3 Anti-cheat system
  • Q4 Game engines integration
Deep Learning
  • Q3 Big data (items properties mapping)
  • Q4 Deep learning
  • Q4 Data analysis toolkit
  • Q2 Virtual jobs system
  • Q4 Aggregation of all the systems

Ecosystem of Games

Contrary to many projects in the Blockchain Gaming Industry, we already have our technology developed and ready. Get to know our recent games.

Delivered title

Plasma Dog

  • First dApp built on OmiseGO Tesuji Plasma
  • Fast, cheap and secure transactions
  • First more viable Plasma dApp deployed by Rinkeby
True Ownership
  • Built-in Ethereum wallet
  • Points and achievements represented by Hoard tokens
  • All tokens stored in a wallet
  • All tokens owned by a player
Play game
Integration coming Q2 2019

My Memory of Us

  • Integrated blockchain with previously published title
  • Interoperable content with Plasma Dog
  • Available on Steam
  • IPFS based, decentralized storage for artwork
True ownership
  • Built-in Ethereum wallet
  • Collectible art puzzles represented by ERC721 tokens
  • All tokens stored in a wallet
  • All tokens owned by a player
More in Development - Coming Soon!

Hoard Documentation

Our team has prepared detailed documents about the Hoard platform and Token sale. Get to the most in depth details about the project to become 100% sure that it is worth building on!

Download Whitepaper Download Onepager
Documents about the Hoard platform and Token sale. Get to the most in depth details about the project.

Hoard Experts

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Sławomir Bubel
Chief Executive Officer
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Cyryl Matuszewski
Lead Programmer
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Radosław Zagórowicz
Blockchain expert, Co-founder
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Martyna Krywko
Business Manager
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Marek Siemieniuk
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Daria Kurpiewska
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Rafał Wydra
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Kuba Lesisz
Programmer, Co-founder
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Bartłomiej Ochnio
Game Designer
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Mikkel Thykjær Jørgensen
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Marta Byrne
Process and Program Manager

Hoard Experts

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Vansa Chatikavanij
Managing Director, OmiseGO
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Steffen Toksvig
VP of Engineering/Spotlight
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Julian Zawistowski
CEO / Co-founder, Golem
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Piotr Janiuk
CTO / Co-founder, Golem
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Jeremy Petreman
Senior Artist/Designer, Playdead
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Janos Flösser
Senior Partner, Promentum Equity
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Rasmus Højengaard
Chief Design Officer, DICE and Brain+

Token Distribution

The HRD token serves as a utility token and value bearer of all content on the Hoard Exchange. Millions of gamers all over the world will trade their virtual items on the Hoard Exchange, either overtly or by interacting with the exchange inside of their games.

Token Sale

Token Name
ERC20 (Utility Token)
Sale Starts
Q2 2019
Sale Ends
Q3 2019 (or MaxCap)
Sale Minimum Cap
4,000,000 USD
Sale Max Cap
20,000,000 USD
Emission Type

Token Utility

Utility Token
Fee token
Revenue Source
Tx Fees on Hoard Marketplace
Ethereum, Plasma
PoA (Hoard 1.0), PoS (Hoard 2.0)

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